Google Shoelace the New Social Network for Local Events

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Google Shoelace the New Social Network for Local Events

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Facebook Instagram Twitter Linkedin There are many social networks used for Marketing today and, it seems, we will have to add one more: Shoelace , Google's new social network. The technology giant, owner of the most popular search engine on the planet, has started the first tests with its new social network and promises to add a new platform to the Marketing strategy of many companies. If you want to get ahead of the competition and be ready when Shoelace is officially launched, check out all the information we have about the social network below ! What is Shoelace and what are its functions? shoelace Shoelace is a new social network from Google described as a hyper-local event platform.

Her name comes from the English term for the laces of a sneaker or shoe. The idea is to make a junction between getting ready to go out somewhere (after all, after tying the shoelaces we are ready to go out) and uniting people around interests. Google's social network is, for now, a project of Area 120 , an innovation sector Whatsapp Mobile Number List acts as an incubator for startups within the organization. When the user installs Shoelace on their smartphone for now, the social network only works as an application, there is no Web version they create their account and choose some areas of interest. The idea is to tell the program's algorithm what your personality and interests are like so it can identify which events to recommend .


From there the main page of the application will present the Loops (something like “Loops”, in free translation), which are the activities closest to the user and that are of interest to them. nearby activities In addition to activities that match the interests chosen by the user (like “books”, “wine” or “dogs”), Google's social network also suggests events based on your location , which is a great way to get to know your surroundings later. moving or when visiting somewhere. Finally, users themselves can create their Loops, invite people or make them public so that anyone can confirm their presence or declare interest. Who can use Google's new social network? For now, only a few people can use Shoelace.